What are Mockups?

If you’re a designer, or someone newly engaged in designing a website or app, you should understand what a mockup is and the importance of producing mockups. A mockup is a full-size model of a design or device, used for product presentations or other purposes.

Free Hard Book Cover Mockup PSD

It is enough to paste your project into a properly prepared mockup to get its photo realistic visualization in a few seconds. Mockups are great showcases for any kind of branding or design. A mockup can be an absolutely indispensable tool in the workflow of any design or marketing team. Mockup PSD files are simply layered image files that are compatible with Photoshop, hence the designation ‘PSD’. Such files are therefore editable at an individual layer level and allow the creator to make any edits cumulatively on top of the image.

Free Full Sleeves Hoodie Mockup

Once the editing has been completed, the image can then be saved as the regular and more common file formats for images such as JPEGs and PNGs with the editing layers all flattened out to give a seamless image. Pasting the design takes literally a second and at this time you can get an accurate and aesthetically made visualization of your project.