How to use Mockups?

The right mockup can help the client visualize what the end product will look like with more clarity. While pitching your design to a client, a realistic mockup template can help you outshine the competition. In this very short tutorial you will find few hints on how to use PSD mockups.

What you will need?
If you want to use and customize mockups that are prepared as PSD files, you will need a few things: Software for unzipping packed files (WinRar, WinZip etc), Basic skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop

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Step #1: Find and Download Mockup
When you download a PSD mockup, it is typically saved as a zipped file. Once you extract its contents, take a close look at what the seller has included. Ideally, it should possess the following files:
.psd file of the mockup, which is the source file you will edit
.jpg file of the mockup, a preview of the template in action
.txt or .pdf file that explains what the mockup is about, who made it, and its licensing policy.

Step #2: Open and Locate the Smart Object
Unzip the file and take a look at what’s inside:
Layers with projects usually have names that easily allows to identify themselves – i.e. „project here”, „design” etc. When you double click on any PSD file, Photoshop will start. What you will need to do, is to change this project and customize background color. Both modification can be done on “Layers” panel.

Step #3: Place Your Content
The last step is to replace the template’s mockup content with your own custom content. To do so, just click the Smart Object icon of the layer. Doing so will open a new Photoshop window displaying only the artwork that you are going to replace. Just have your desired artwork ready and drag it into the Smart Object window you just opened. Hit the save button once you’re done.

Step #4: Change background color
To change the background color you`ll have to double click on layer thumbnail, that is placed on the right of the layer name (Background Color). Color Picker panel should appear and in this panel you can set any color that you like.

Now go back to the original PSD file and you’ll find the new changes in place. You have done it.