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Sep 20

3D Icons Set

Designed with a perfect blend of creativity and practicality, these icons are incredibly user-friendly and come in a range of sizes. Whether you need them for a small project or a large-scale design, Their versatility makes them suitable for various digital media applications, catering to a wide audience.
Aug 20

Travel Icons Set

Enhance your graphic design with our Travel Icons. Choose from colored or non-colored options. Get this vector template for free, personalize it as needed, and see the fantastic outcome!
Jul 20

Financial Icons Set

Get your hands on this awesome collection of financial icons for free! Whether you need them for bookkeeping, money transfers, or tracking expenses, these templates have got you covered. Simply download and start using them however you like!
May 20

Shipping Vector Icon Set

Explore these fantastic shipping-themed outline icons! This free global delivery icon collection is ideal for both apps and websites. Have fun with this set of line icons!
Apr 20

Thanksgiving Day Icons

These awesome holiday icons are here to assist you! Don’t hesitate to grab these free Thanksgiving icon templates and get into the festive spirit.
Mar 20

Vacation Icons Set

We think this trendy collection of Vacation Icons will be useful right now, during the peak of summer, as people are heading out on vacations. The minimalistic yet charming design can complement a wide range of design and printing tasks.
Feb 20

Isometric Flowers Icons

This bundle includes twelve one-of-a-kind vector images of versatile flowers, each beautifully displayed on a small square base. These unique designs add a touch of depth and dimension, making them more visually captivating than ordinary flat graphics.
Oct 17

Barber Shop Vector Icons

Check out this set of vector icons featuring a variety of razors, scissors, combs, and facial hair care products! Perfect for barber shop-related designs, but versatile enough for other uses too. With 50 cute icons in lineal color, flat, and lineal styles, you can mix and match for endless possibilities. Great for apps, websites, presentations, […]
Sep 17

Online Marketing Icons Pack

This set of Online Marketing icons from Flaticon offers a visually appealing way to showcase your expertise to potential clients and remind current ones of your specialty. Using these icons can help maintain a cohesive visual identity across all your offline and online materials.
Aug 17

Color Laundry Icons Set

This laundry icon set is part of our amazing collection called The Color Icons Set. We’ve designed a whopping 120 icons that are all about laundry. You can easily customize the colors to match your own style and preferences.
Jul 17

Color Weather Icons Set

Check out our weather icon set from The Color Icons Set! With 120 icons to choose from, you can easily customize the colors to suit your style.
Jun 17

70 Multipurpose Vector Icons

Valentina G’s 70 Vector Icons are AI files with fully resizable vector graphics. Each icon is uniquely designed to enhance the visual appeal of your projects.
May 30

Wedding Vector Icons

Whether you’re planning a wedding or just want to add a touch of romance to your designs, these icons are perfect for you. With three different styles to choose from, they’ll look great on anything from invitations to landing pages.
Apr 30

Event Vector Icons

No matter if you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, or even a masquerade, this extensive collection of 50 icons has got you covered. Take your pick from the various options available, including linear color, linear, and flat versions, and incorporate them seamlessly into your extraordinary projects!
Apr 30

Greenhouse Vector Icons

These icons beautifully capture the artistry of plant cultivation. Whether you want to tell a captivating story with all of these charming icons or simply select a few to adorn your app icon, presentation, infographics, or logo, the choice is yours!