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Apr 10

Glass Jar Candle Mockup

We’ve created a mockup that showcases the product in a stunning product photo. The file is designed to make it super easy for you to customize the color of the wax and add a label of any shape and size. And if you want to match the background color with the label design, you can […]
Jan 30

Isolated Candle Mockup

Scented candles are commonly used on various occasions, but not many of us utilize them on a daily basis to create a pleasant aroma in our living spaces. Traditionally, people have only used them when hosting guests, a practice that has been followed for centuries. The fragrance emitted by these candles can have positive effects […]
Jan 25

Round Candle Tin Mockup

The use of scented candles has revitalized an ancient tradition that was believed to be outdated. Individuals utilize scented candles to create pleasant aromas in their homes or bathrooms, and studies have even demonstrated their ability to enhance moods. If you are a small business owner or designer seeking to showcase or advertise your candle […]
Sep 28

Packaging Glass Candle Mockup

The best Candle Mockup that you can showcase your ideas for the candle and its box in a superb way. Place your artwork on a smart object and personalize it according to your requirements. You will be able to change the background color.
Sep 12

Glass Jars Candle Mockup

Everyone appreciates scented candles, as they emit a delightful fragrance and help us unwind. Scented candles come in a wide range of flavors. Lavender, known for its calming and soothing properties, is particularly popular. Additionally, there are numerous other candle aromas that promote relaxation, such as citrus, cinnamon, peppermint, and the beloved rose flavor. These […]
Jul 14

Front Box Candle Mockup

The best Candle Mockup where you can place the artwork on the label of the glasses and boxes. Place your artwork on smart object and change the background color as per your choice.
Dec 25

Glass Candle Mockup

The best Candle Mockup that you can paste your label design. Place artwork on smart object and get a realistic outcome. You can to present a logo design, label or use it as part of a larger branding or corporate identity presentation.
Nov 26

Box Candle Mockup

The best Candle Mockup features a ceramic candle jar with a wooden lid and a square paper box arranged in a perfect composition that will light up your branding design. Place artwork on the label and showcase the logo or branding design.
Jul 08

Dreamy Candle Mockup

The best Candle Mockup of candle on two round disks. If you have a brand, logo or label design, all you need to do is paste them into the Smart Object layer and you will receive a beautiful and extraordinary visualization of your ideas in a few seconds.
Jun 07

Candle Mockup Set

The best Candle Mockup can come in handy for your promotional and design projects. The set includes the mockups of a candle with a wooden top, a special storage box, and a rough marble piece as a stand for it. Place artwork on the label and showcase the logo or branding design.
Oct 06

Scented Candle Glass Jar Mockup

The best Candle Mockup is featuring an amber candle container that is placed beside a slim candle matches box. Thanks to the smart object layer which makes it more convenient to place your design on this free mockup. You can change the base color of can as well as background to get a fine result.
Sep 18

Branding Candle Mockup

The best Candle Mockup to showcases logos and designs. You can easily drop your design via smart layers, edit the light/shadow, and change the colors of every single element according to your taste. You can also change the background of this mockup with your own.
May 25

Ceramic Candle Jar Mockup

The best Candle Mockup has a set of two ceramic candle jars and with customizable features, you can change jars and background colour. Use the smart layers to place your design and every object is movable and toggled on/off.
Feb 25

Jar Candle Mockup

The best Candle Mockup to replace packaging artworks as well as candle artwork and lastly change the color of background that complements the packaging design or candle wax color.
Jan 19

Candle Tin Jar Mockup

The best Candle Mockup for displaying the design and present in a professional high resolution mockup. Very easy to edit this free metallic candle jar mockup with smart object layers, customise the color of tin, lid, and lid label.